IP Transit

Hosting UK operates a fully resilient multihomed network with multple points of connectivity across the UK. Our network points of precense are details on this page.

We are able to supply high quality connectivity and IP transit across the network to businesses and ISPs based in those locations.

We have multiple Tier 1 connectivity and peering relationships and operate our own dark fibre UK wide network delivering connectivity to our eight UK datacentres.

Connectivity is available as either pay as you go based on a committed information rate with burst (CIR Burst) or at fixed speed rates, (CIR Standard)

CIR Burst

If using the CIR Burst model you decide how much bandwidth (your CIR) you require based on your current and anticipated usage. We configure your bandwidth to that rate but allow you to burst above it to allow for peaks in usage up to your maximum port speed.

We implement the 95th percentile calculation model and so in monitoring your usage discard the top 5% of your usage in order to establish a fair average of your bandwidth usage.

Providing your 95th Percentile usage falls below your CIR during the charging period you will pay no more. Should your usage be over the agreed CIR we will produce and overage bill based on the amount used over the agreed CIR and coasted according to the pricing table below.

The advantage of this model is that you will always have sufficient capacity to enable your site to react to peaks in demand, however the disadvantage is that you may receive additional charges for overuse if your agreed CIR is breached. You may of course then agree to a higher CIR to ensure that this does not occur.

CIR Standard

If using the fixed model, you choose an amount of bandwidth based upon your anticipated maximum required usage.

It is more important with this model that you accurately calculate how much bandwidth you think you will use as you will not be able to exceed this rate without upgrading your connection speed.

The advantage of this model is that you always know what your charge will be, however the disadvantage is that during a sudden surge in activity where more bandwidth is required over the agreed transfer allowance and line size, your site may appear slower as traffic is restricted by the agreed maximum speed.

1:1 Contention rates

We guarantee that your bandwidth will be un contended within your base CIR however for customers utilising the CIR Burst model, any burst traffic may be contended.

IP Addressing

For allocations from our own address space we allocate IP addresses in subnets according to customer requirements subject to RIPE guidelines and justification requirements.

Charges are not made for IP addresses however we do require that IP address usage is justified according to RIPE regulations.

Transit Options

We are able to deliver full or partial transit depending on your preference and so can provide either our own transit mix or via default route to any one of our transit providers or via policy based routing. BGP4, static and dynamic routing are available.

Monitoring and statistics

As well as our own 24x7x365 monitoring we provide real time portal access to graphing of your current and past bandwidth usage enabling you to plan your usage.

Service Level Agreement

We operate a 99.9% network service level agreement.

Further information

For further information on our connectivity services please e-mail sales@hostinguk.net, telephone 01745 586070 and choose the sales option or submit a query

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