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Below is a selection of comments our customers have made.

22/10/2003 - TB
"prompt, precise, helpful, what more could you ask?"
20/10/2003 - BL
"First class response and quick fix as usual. Should not take this for granted from service providers these days I know! I have two web sites supported by Hosting UK and any issue raised has always been dealt with in a manner that is a credit to your organisation."
15/10/2003 - D
"Thanks to both Phil and Martin who have always responded to emails promptly and efficiently.I was looking for a new company to host my domain name and wouldn't even consider one that didn't reply to questions that I had. For this reason I chose the transfer was going though I was impressed how quickly everything got sorted. I think it was about within 2 hours once I contacted you, I was expecting 24 to 48 hours."
14/10/2003 - G
"Instant replies, Superb answers. Thanks"
14/10/2003 - DC
"I received a speedy and easy to understand reply as always I am always thankful for the speedy reliable and concise service you supply."
14/10/2003 - S
"Excellent service as always - thanks again"
09/10/2003 - STU
"Excellent, swift, service as I found before in my last job, and experience now as my own company."
08/10/2003 - NB
"Id like to thank Phil Yardley and Martin White for the help they gave me with resolving a recent problem. It was far from obvious, but they persevered until the problem was fixed. Coming myself from a support background, you all too often only ever hear complaints and I know how rewarding it is to be appreciated. They have done you proud and I shall certainly recommend your services in future. It was a pleasure to deal with competent support staff for a change."
06/10/2003 - DI
"Thanks, exactly what I needed, in about 5mins"
03/10/2003 - IA
"Amazing, 23:15 and a small problem was resolved in a few minutes"

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